Nashville sensibility. Hollywood capability.

Down Home is where the storytelling traditions of country music meet all forms of entertainment and commerce, bridging the gap between Nashville and Hollywood. Our founder, Tim McGraw, has built an iconic career as both an artist and actor by bringing audiences together around authentic, inspiring stories. Grounded in this ethos, our projects showcase high-profile talent, blockbuster-quality production, and, naturally, phenomenal music.

Founded by Tim McGraw

"Country music has always first and foremost been about storytelling. It's just about honesty, it’s everyday life, it’s a vignette of life and family, community, and values. To me that’s Down Home and that's what I want our company to be about.”

Shaped by Music City.

Nashville, globally known as Music City, is attracting attention far beyond its traditional country music roots as a home to top-tier talent, events, and influence. The city is a melting pot of exceptional creativity and a community of authentic artists who are dedicated to the highest level of storytelling. By supporting local creatives, celebrating big wins together, and providing opportunities to elevate Nashville into the bright lights of Hollywood, Down Home serves as a catalyst to the next iteration of Music City.
Backed by


Down Home is supported by industry leading film & television studio Skydance Media, enabling us to leverage world-class production and distribution capabilities to bring authentic stories to life. We recognize a massive audience longing for stories that move them, and that starts with characters they can relate to. We’re focused on telling stories about underdogs, unlikely heroes, and people striving for their sense of family, community, and belonging.

Our Approach to Brands​

We connect brands to the world of opportunities in the Down Home universe and help them understand, engage, and activate an expansive audience.

Combining country know-how with deep audience insights we create content and experiences that resonate.